Travian Private Server Script v 4.2 Pro engine * optimized and fully

$899.00 $349.00


This Version Designed With A Powerful, Fast And Optimized Engine And Supports High Speed Coefficients.
Some Of The Facilities Added By Us:
Buy Troops, Buy Resources, Buy Buildings, Instant Upgrade Buildings To Level 20, Instant Upgrade Of Troops, Instant Upgrade In Smithy, Buy Adventure, Buy Resources (Equal to 1 Hour Of Productions), Buy Resources (Equal to Level 20 Storage), Etc.
Default Facilities: Increase Productions By %25, Plus Account, Golden Club(Farm List++), Instant Finish Building, Etc. Contact Us For More Information.
Note:this script licensed and run on one ip and domain with unlimited Servers (Speed can set on each server and no limited number on servers).
Note2: this script just like Pro engine but optimized for more players and stablity and plus options can set at installation.


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